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Printout this page for reference

Leisure Interest Survey Version 2.0 Quick Start

The LIS is a interest inventory that determines the leisure interests of clients and generates a medical-chart ready print-out. In addition to determining leisure interests, it determines the primary type of interest by style and by area. Client data can be saved to disk. A report that shows the interests of all clients can be generated.


1) Create a folder on your computer.

2) download the LIS.exe file to this new folder

3) After the file has been downloaded, double click on the LIS.exe file. All files needed to run the program will be extracted into your folder.

4) to run the program locate the file named GO.exe

IMPORTANT: When prompted for an UNLOCK CODE when running LIS, press down the ALT key & simultaneously press the numbers 215 consecutively on the numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard.

UNLOCK code if you are using a laptop.

Since you don’t have the typical numeric keyboard on the side some laptops provide you with an option to press the numlock key and use the numbers at the top of the key board.

Other laptops have and numeric keypad integrated into the regular keyboard. For example, the letter I is for number 5, letter O is for number 6 and so on.

Once you activate the numeric keypad that is integrated into your keyboard, press ALT 215 and it will unlock the program.



After copying all files to the harddrive, type

to read the LIS Electronic Manual. If you computer does not support the configurations needed to read the Electronic Manual, you can still read it by....

from the LIS directory,
1) type MANUAL1

to print out this manual....
1) type PRINT MANUAL.TXT - It is highly recommended that you print-out and read this manual.

PRINTING FROM DOS. If you are having problems printing out from DOS, use the suggestions given here.



Using the mouse is the optimal way to navigating through the Electronic Manual. If you don’t have a mouse, the following keys will help you find your way around the Electronic Manual....

ESC- immediately quits the Electronic Manual

TAB- moves from button to button, notice that buttons or text boxes ready to be activated are highlighted by dashes

ENTER- once a button is highlighted, press ENTER to use that button

UP/DOWN ARROW KEYS- once a text box is highlighted, use these keys to move the text up and down

PAGE DOWN/PAGE UP- "turns" pages

ANY LETTER THAT IS UNDERLINED- If a letter on a button is underlined, then that button can be activated by pessing that letter on the keyboard.


Click here if you are having problems printing from DOS


Click here for LIS YK2 update if you have purchased LIS before 1999.


Customer support is not provided as this program is FREE