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Leisure Diagnostic Battery Scorer
updated 7/29/05

LDBScorer Windows Version 3.0 Support Page


win.gif (10198 bytes)The LDBScorer is a full-featured software package for IBM & compatibles that makes the Leisure Diagnostic Battery scoring, report generating and file maintenance of individual client scores quick and easy. The Windows version of the LDBScorer is much more powerful and does a lot more than the previous DOS version.

TO USE THE LDBScorer YOU WILL NEED THE LDB FORMS from Venture Publishing. The LDB Manual from Venture Publishing is highly recommended to help you analyze the scores.

Download it for free and try it for 30 Days.

Purchase the LDBScorer.

What is the Leisure Diagnostic Battery?
The Leisure Diagnostic Battery (LDB) is a comprehensive battery of instruments designed to assess an individual's "leisure functioning." Based on attribution theory, the term "Leisure functioning" describes how an individual feels about his/her leisure experiences.

The LDB consists of eight components: Perceived Leisure Competency Scale, Perceived Leisure Control Scale, Leisure Needs Scale, Depth of Involvement in Leisure Scale, Playfulness Scale, Perceived Freedom in Leisure - Total Score, Barriers to Leisure Involvement Scale, Knowledge of Leisure Opportunities Test, and Leisure Preference Inventory.

The LDB was developed by Peter Witt, Texas A&M University, and Gary Ellis, University of Utah.

The LDBScorer was developed by Charles Dixon, MS, CTRS to facilitate the scoring of the LDB.


The LDBScorer makes scoring the Leisure Diagnostic Battery quick and easy.... simply input the client's endorsed scores... with practice, you can input scores of both the Short Version and Barriers scores in 20 seconds or less!!!! As soon as you finish inputting scores, the total Perceived Freedom and Barriers scores are flashed on the monitor. The LDBScorer Short Version even goes further than providing you with just the total Freedom score... scores are broken down by Competence in Leisure, Control in Leisure, Depth of Involvement, and Leisure Needs to help you further asses the client. The Preference Inventory scoring features an on-screen graph of interests endorsed by the client as you input the scores!

You can score each client up to 3 times for score comparison.
Norm Score
Calculating norm scores after each client takes the LDB is time consuming. Much time can be wasted calculating and re-calculating scores as you try to keep an up-to-date local norm for your agency. The LDBScorer updates your local norm after each client for the Short Version, Long Version, and the Barriers scales. You can even maintain norm scores of any number of population groups.
Report Generating
Once scores are inputted, LDBScorer can generate the scores in report form... ready to be placed in the client's medical chart.
Data Base
The LDBScorer maintains a data base of all your clients for the Short Version, Barriers Scale, Long Version and Preference Inventories. You can search records and generate a report of all you clients. You can even generate a report and norm scores of clients with specific diagnosis, clients by population groups (adolescent or adult), and by date.
What You Need to run LDBS
To use LDBScorer, you will need an IBM compatible computer with Windows 98 or better operating system. Do note that the LDBScorer package does not provide the LDB forms. The forms may be purchased from Venture Publishing at 814-234-4561. In addition, highly recommended is the LDB Manual, also from Venture Publishing, to help you in interpreting the scores.
What does it Cost?

LDBScorer is FREE for 30 days. The cost is $129 for the download version.

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